how often should I get a wheel alignment?

it’s a good idea to get your wheel alignment checked annually, Its a good idea to do when you have your tires rotated.

You certainly should have it done when you buy new tires so your tyres don’t immediately start to wear unevenly.

how often should I change my tyres?

All tyres have tread wear indicators (TWIs) made of small blocks of rubber within the tread at certain points around the tyre.
As the tyres wears, these blocks get closer and eventually become flush with the surface of the tyre.
Once that happens, the tyre is officially unroadworthy because by this time only 1.6mm of tyre tread is left.

The recommendation is that the tyre should replaced once tread depth gets down to around 2mm.
Generally, a tyre any older than five years will usually need replacing.
Even if the kilometres travelled are low or the tyre isn’t even being used, it will deteriorate over time as the rubber loses its suppleness through the loose of moisture and oils.

Should I change all my Tyres at the same time?

Any tyre with a tread depth less than 2mm should be replaced, regardless of its position.
It’s also recommended to rotate your tyres regularly as the manufacturers’ recommendations.
If you are replacing only two tyres, the new tyres should always be fitted to the rear of vehicle.

How do I Know what Tyres to choose?

If you know your brands, and have a preference for your tyres, that is great.
But if you don’t, always leave it in the hands of professionals.

At Elite Tyres we are trained professionals who know which tyres to choose for your car.
The best type of tyre for your vehicle and it’s proposed usage.

Call us or send an inquiry or come down to see us today and we can help select the best tyre for you so you know you are getting t he best out of your vehicle.


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