Space Saver Tyres – How Far Can You Drive On Them?


Space Saver Tyres – How Far Can You Drive On Them?

Today’s cars are designed and built to be as efficient as possible, making space saver spare tyres a common alternative to full-sized spares tyres in most modern cars. As a trusted choice for high-quality tyre repairs, Elite Tyres is your one-stop-shop for tyre and auto care needs in Melbourne. We are often asked about space saver tyres, so here we will take look at what they are, and a few tips for using them safely.

What Are Space Saver Tyres?

Also known as temporary use spare tyres, space saver tyres are specially constructed spare tyre and rim combinations included by many vehicle manufacturers as the standard spare tyre. Lighter, and more compact than regular tyres, they can be recognised by their unique yellow rim. Space saver tyres are:

  • More compact than full-size spares, so they allow for more usable boot space.
  • Lighter, therefore they reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.
  • Typically cheaper than full-size spare wheels and tyres.

If you have a vehicle with a space saver spare, it’s important that you are aware of how to use it properly.

Space Savers Are a Temporary Solution

  • Their job is to get you safely home or the nearest tyre repair shop.
  • They are usually limited to a speed of 80km/h.
  • They are not designed to travel long distances. You can typically drive a few hundred kilometres, depending on the brand and type. This information will be stamped on the tyre sidewall.
  • Ideally, they should be put on the back wheels as opposed to the steered wheels.
  • They don’t grip the road as well as normal tyres, which reduces steering and stopping ability.
  • Inflation pressure will not be the same for the temporary spare as the primary tyre. This information can be found either on a placard near the spare tyre or in the vehicle handbook.

Space saver tyres are a great alternative to full sized spares, but they aren’t suitable for every vehicle. For more information reach out to our team today.

Trust Us for Affordable Tyre Services

Most high-quality tyres are relatively resistant to damage, but as the tread wears, the risk of a puncture or other tyre damage increases. If you are in need of tyre puncture repairs, Elite Tyres is here to help. One of the leading tyre repair shops in Melbourne, we have two convenient locations in Melton and Sunbury. We stock all brands of tyre including Michelin, Good Year and Kumho, and we can help with fitting, balancing & tire repairs, wheel alignments, and automotive servicing. Book your car in with us today or get in touch to learn more about our services.


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