Should You Buy Second Hand Tyres?

Second Hand Tyres

Should You Buy Second Hand Tyres?

Many people drive used cars, and used car parts are sold every day, but what about used vehicle tyres? Second hand tyres can be great alternative to tire repairs, and it may enable you to get a high-quality product on a tight budget, however, there’s a few things to consider and look for to ensure the tyres you get are safe and will perform well.

Every Used Tyre Must Be Judged Individually On Its Quality

Just as there are used cars for sale with varying degrees of wear and tear, the same goes for tyres. Not all second hand tyres are the same, so it’s important to assess each tyre’s condition. Tyres in Australia must have at least 1.5mm of tread depth to be considered roadworthy, unless they have wear indicators set at a higher level, in which case that higher wear level applies. However, besides this requirement, information on the use of second hand tyres is lacking in detail. When considering used tyres, visually inspecting each tyre is essential. Look over the tyres thoroughly for any defects in the seams. Steer clear if you notice any bubbles, splitting seams, or signs of patches or plugs.

Whilst you can get an idea of tyre’s condition by a quick inspection, you will not be able to tell where the tyres have come from, how long have they been sitting around for, and how they have they been stored. As tyres are critical to the safety of your vehicle, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you come across any second hand tyres that you have concerns about and don’t feel would be safe, move on to other options or get professional advice from your local tyre centre.

Many Used Tyres Are Close to Brand-New

There are many used tyres in the market that may actually be very close to new. There are many reasons why tyres in pristine condition might be sold as used. Such reasons include:
• A person may have bought a brand-new car but has loyalty to a particular tyre brand. In this case, the demo set may have been swapped out before the sale.
• A business with fleet vehicles may change tyre brands. This can see a lot of sets that are in otherwise good condition be sold as used.
• Some car owners buy a particular set of tyres and then decide that they aren’t the best fit for their vehicle, or their driving needs.

Buying second hand tyres that are almost new can be an excellent way to save money.

Only Buy Second Hand Tyres from Reputable Dealers

Used tyres should only be sold if they are 100% safe to use. When you buy used tyres from a private seller, it can be really hard to guarantee the tyres are safe and genuine. That’s why it’s important to buy used tyres from a reputable dealer. Professional tyre centres will always have to abide by a number of regulations and processes to ensure the tyres they sell are safe.

Trust Elite Tyres for All Your Tyre Needs

If you see a bargain price on second hand tyres, it’s impossible to know for sure if they are genuine, safe, and how long they will last. That’s why whenever you’re buying second hand tyres (or even new tyres for that matter) it’s important to buy only from a trusted, reputable supplier. Elite Tyres is your one-stop-shop for all tyre and auto care needs. With two convenient locations, we offer full service auto repair and maintenance at highly competitive prices. Get in touch with us today to find more about our services or make an appointment online now.


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